Top 10 Cottage Industry Products

We covered cottage industry appropriate technology in a previous blog post. The aim here is to identify the top 10 products for ease of construction, impact on community and potential profitability. These products obviously go way beyond just creating jobs … Continue reading →

Low Cost Roof Tile Manufacture (MCR)

Practical Micro-concrete Roofing Tile Production “Much attention has been paid to developing the small-scale production of concrete roofing tiles as an affordable alternative to both traditional roofing materials, such as thatch, and modern, mass-produced, often inappropriate, galvanized iron sheeting … Continue reading →

Making a Dent in the Universe

I’ve been reading up on Paul Polak’s work at Paul His new book The Business Solution to Poverty with co-author Mal Warwick has inspired me to dig deeper in search of more affordable housing solutions. They explain why governmental … Continue reading →

Home-based Business: Growing Microgreens

I’m always on the lookout for good ideas for starting sustainable small businesses that are low cost and easy to implement. Microgreens are small plants midway in size between sprouts and baby greens. Besides being used in salads, they can … Continue reading →

Etsy Home Based Business Marketplace

Many natural builders are moving to rural areas to save money and lower construction costs, but as you know, jobs there can be scarce. Consider starting a home based business and selling your unique items over the Internet through … Continue reading → Help for Starting Microbusinesses

“At on the MICRO BUSINESS tab/page you can see the 9 videos in the series “How To Start A Micro Business” along with worksheets for those starting a micro business to complete and transcriptions of the video audio so … Continue reading →