Appropriate Technology Sourcebook: Housing and Construction

“It is not so much ‘how to build’ as ‘how to choose techniques and materials appropriate to a given situation.’ ” —letter from a volunteer in Papua New Guinea … Continue reading →


“e-khaya is a fireproof shack replacement system for informal settlements. Fire is deadly in these crowded communities and an e-khaya will protect lives and possessions. It is easily community built, low cost, thermally and acoustically insulating, durable and attractive. And … Continue reading →

$300 Earthbag House Update

My housing designs are now posted for ‘The $300 House Open Design Challenge’. I’ve submitted two proposals so far: $300 Earthbag House – What the World Needs Now, and the Stone Dome – $300 Geopolymer Earthbag Dome. There are lots … Continue reading →

$300 Earthbag House

Description: 11.1 sq. m. interior, 5.4 sq. m. sleeping loft, 11.2 sq. m. patio for cooking and socializing. Single units can be expanded by adding on in any direction or joined to create multi-unit structures. Almost all materials are free … Continue reading →