DIY Solar Water Heater! – Solar Thermal COPPER COIL Water Heater!

“DIY Solar Water Heater. A Homemade “flat panel” COPPER COIL Solar Water Heater. Easy DIY. Full Instructions. Super hot temps (sustained at 165F+). Fast hot water. No electricity needed. Easily hooks up to standard water tap/garden hose. Reaches temps well … Continue reading →

Natural building: a water-resistant earthen floor

“Natural building expert Michael G. Smith from the Emerald Earth Institute shows us the first layer of an earthen floor (clay soil, sand, chopped straw and road base, or crushed rock): just one layer of the 3 layers they eventually … Continue reading →

Plumbing and Electrical Pocket Guides

You can buy small booklets or ‘pocket guides’ from building supply centers that show the main steps of construction. Besides being compact and low cost, the nice thing about these pocket guides is they only show want you really need. … Continue reading →