Earthbag Building in Vanautu

From Liz: “The Ernas Women’s Centre is a group of 66 displaced women from all over Vanuatu who have settled in the Erakor peninsula. They have no jobs to pay their children’s school fees so they sell food by the … Continue reading →

Vastu Sandbag House

23 January 2009 “The new Vastu home is ready. The interior walls have been covered with clay, which naturally regulates humidity. From the outside, the buildings look like conventional homes. Sandbag filled Vastu houses can be finished with wood, marble, … Continue reading →

Sandbag House in Jeffrey’s Bay

“This blog is about sharing our story of building an eco(ish) friendly house for our mother. We have never done this before and thought it may be useful to document lessons learnt along the way – so that others can … Continue reading →

New Compression Ring Design

The compression ring I designed and had built by a local machine shop for our earthbag roundhouse worked perfectly. It costs me just $20 or so and used very few materials. The roof bolted together in one hour and, as … Continue reading →

Homemade Wood Heating Stove

Lynda Wilson over at The Owner Builder Magazine was kind enough to send me a photo and some text about building a homemade wood stove. It’s a very clever design with adobe surround to retain the heat and has a … Continue reading →