Earthbag Newsletter

Patti Stouter has published a new earthbag newsletter that recaps recent news and events in the developing world. This is a great way to spread the word. Feel free to share with others. … Continue reading →

Sustainable Earthbag Design Features

Earthbag structures are sustainable because they are safe (fire and mold resistant, structurally sound, nontoxic), durable, code approved, easy to maintain by homeowners, low cost ($10/sq.ft. is possible with small, simple designs), site specific, maximize solar gain, resistant to natural … Continue reading →

Earthbag Projects in Haiti

As you can see from the list below, earthbag building is really starting to take off in Haiti. And these are just the projects we know about. There may very well be others. I’ll edit this list as things progress. … Continue reading →

Alternatives to Conventional Roofs: Domes and Vaults

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Q: Why aren’t people making roofs from earth using domes or Nubian vaults? In impoverished areas the cost of a tin roof is sometimes a year’s salary. A: Domes and vaults evolved … Continue reading →

Other Uses for ¼” Steel Rod

An earlier post described how to use ¼” steel rod to install electrical boxes you may have forgotten. This steel is incredibly versatile and so it’s handy to have some around during construction. Here’s a list of things we’ve used … Continue reading →

Installing Electrical Boxes

It’s very easy to install electrical boxes in earthbag walls. The process involves two basic steps: 1. Anchors: Add anchors in the wall where electrical boxes will go. Do this as the wall is being built. You could use 2x4s … Continue reading →