Roundhouse/Dome Cluster

The Roundhouse/Dome Cluster and Roundhouse Cluster share the same floorplan, although in this case I’m showing a larger master bath with laundry. Specifications include 1,330 sq. ft. interior, including lofts in the roundhouse and both large domes, 2 bedroom, 2 … Continue reading →

Physical Properties of Polypropylene Bags

The following text and list of properties has been gathered from various poly bag supplier websites to give you a snapshot view of poly earthbags. The information is presented here in a condensed format for brevity. It’s fun doing these … Continue reading →

Roundhouse Cluster

Readers have shown a strong interest in my domes and roundhouses, so I decided to cluster them to create a new unique design for larger families. This version has three two-story roundhouses. There are a lot of things to like … Continue reading →

Desert Submarine

This unique 241 square foot all solar design qualifies as a zero energy home. It’s for desert regions only. The home is cooled with water trickling over the metal roofing using the same evaporative cooling principle as found in the … Continue reading →

Ransom Ranch Dome

Marcia Gibbons at Ransom Ranch in Arizona chronicles her experience of building with earthbags. She has completed a beautiful sienna colored dome and a straw bale pumphouse with earthbag foundation. Building pics Final dome pics … Continue reading →

Straight Versus Zigzagging Barbed Wire

Do not zigzag barbed wire between courses of bags, because this will lessen its tensile strength. A load (stress) on the structure, such as a hurricane, earthquake or differential settling, would tend to pull the structure apart as the slack … Continue reading →