Earthbag Instructable

I’ve created a page at Step-by-Step Earthbag Building. They have lots of good information there on many different topics. My Instructable is based on my previous article at called Step-by-Step Earthbag Construction. But I changed things around a … Continue reading →

How to Reduce or Eliminate Tarping Earthbag Walls

Polypropylene bags are susceptible to UV damage if left exposed to sunlight for more than a few weeks. High intensity sunlight in deserts and at high altitudes is a particular concern. Builders typically use tarps to protect earthbag walls during … Continue reading →

Earthbag and Bamboo Home Construction

The video and text below is from the Eco Preservation Society. They say they know of a bamboo preservation technique that lasts 300 years in the tropics if kept covered. Please visit their site for more information, and if you … Continue reading →

Physical Properties of Polypropylene Bags

The following text and list of properties has been gathered from various poly bag supplier websites to give you a snapshot view of poly earthbags. The information is presented here in a condensed format for brevity. It’s fun doing these … Continue reading →

The Most Bang for the Buck? Part 1

What’s the most efficient, cost-effective way to build with earthbags? How can you enclose the most space with the least time, effort and money? Well, it depends in part on climate, individual skills and preferences as far as styles/building types. … Continue reading →

The Orange Tree Atelye (or Workshop)

Here’s another project taking off to help Haiti. Text quoted from their website. We are an interdisciplinary research and design team from the University of Cincinnati. We were formed to provide a long term growth plan for the Good Shepherd … Continue reading →