Another Earthbag School in Nepal Nears Completion

“The previous construction experience in Community Health Centre and Community Centre Buildings became a great source of learning for JVF-Nepal. It was from these construction experiences that the architect started exploring best-suited technology for the site location and opted for … Continue reading →

Buildbag — Earthbag in the Netherlands

“The Buildbag Philosophy According the United Nations it is estimated that approximately 1,6 billion people live in substandard housing and 100 million people are homeless globally, due to poverty, wars and natural disasters. Moreover, we have an ever-growing world population. … Continue reading →

Koh Phangan Earthbag Home Interior

Freeform earthbag between boulders “This rather luxurious “cave” artfully combines granite, wood and earth. It has a 70 sqm ground floor divided into three rooms on 3 levels, topped by a 20 sqm loft. While the earthbag walls elegantly fill … Continue reading →

Kent’s Earthbag Cabin

“It’s finally happening. My little cabin construction project is finally happening. The main building material is earthbag, sometimes called superadobe. Watch this site for our progress! Note that most recent posts are at the top, so chronological order of the … Continue reading →