Protecting Earthbag Walls from UV Damage with Shade Cloth

Sunlight will break down polypropylene bags after a few weeks. Here’s a new idea to protect against UV damage. Tarps are big and awkward. Painting the bags is extra work and sort of messy. Shade cloth seems like one of … Continue reading →


“e-khaya is a fireproof shack replacement system for informal settlements. Fire is deadly in these crowded communities and an e-khaya will protect lives and possessions. It is easily community built, low cost, thermally and acoustically insulating, durable and attractive. And … Continue reading →

Confined Earthbag Construction

Confined masonry is one of the most common building systems in the world, with millions of structures built this way. The first confined earthbag house is now under construction in Ecuador. … Continue reading →

Earthbag homes–easiest and cheapest green build

“Earthbag construction is a type of rammed earth construction where durable bags, usually polypropylene or burlap, are filled with local earth or other materials, laid in courses and tamped down into place to form walls. The greatest advantage is that … Continue reading →