Underground Earthbag Building — Framing the Floor

“With the roof on the Musart studio, we can safely work inside the building without the rain ruining our work. The gals patch up the bag rips in the basement while the guys start working on the floor frame!” … Continue reading →

My Earthbag Project in Honduras

“Greetings! I am reaching out to say hello as a fellow earth builder! I have looked through the Earthbag Building.com site and even downloaded your PDF book a few years back. Excellent resources! I also wanted so share my project. … Continue reading →

10 Reasons to Build an Earthbag House

“Four years ago, I was camped upon a hill in Turkey watching the canvas of my tent buckle ominously. The wind howled, and rain started to drip onto my forehead. I’d been living in the tent for six months, but … Continue reading →

Reciprocal Roof at Home-Farm.org

“Reciprocal frame roofs are highly regarded in the natural building community though there is a limited amount of information about them on the internet. Resources that we’ve found helpful are listed at the bottom of this post. There is evidence … Continue reading →