Emergency Earthbag Shelter with Reciprocal Roof

Our blog has quite a few free emergency shelters for various purposes. All designs can be found on this blog using the built-in the search engine. Free detailed plans for these shelters are on our Free House Plans page. I’ll … Continue reading →

Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants of Ancient America

Who built these structures and when? Why? I think you’ll be surprised with Vieira’s claims. No one taught this to me in school! Whatever your conclusions, you’ll have to agree this is some amazing stonework. The link below to a … Continue reading →

Norwegian Jordkjeller (Earth Cellar)

Here’s a comment by poster ilekjer at Instructables.com: I was actually planning to build an earth-cellar, kinda like the ones built here in Norway for a couple of thousand years. They were/is used primarily for storing vegetables and food. They … Continue reading →

Alderleaf Earthbag Rootcellar

“With patience and persistence, many hands came together to make the Superadobe Root Cellar project possible. The project is now very near completion, with the main body of work completed. Here Danny R., Phil J. and Steve N. celebrate a … Continue reading →