Rocket Mass Heater Builder’s Guide Kickstarter

Hi Owen, I wonder if you’d consider posting our Kickstarter project, for a new book entitled the Rocket Mass Heater Builder’s Guide. This book shows how to build a rocket mass heater, so you can enjoy overnight comfort from a … Continue reading →

Rocket-fired Griddle Oven — Free Plans

Kelly Hart posted an interesting story the other day about a Rocket-fired Oven and Griddle that really caught my eye. I think lots of readers would be interested in learning more about this stove. There’s some additional info on the … Continue reading →

Earthbag Room with Rocket Stove, Paperbag Floor & Pallet Ceiling Construction

“No more climbing the ladder every night up to his loft. Garen is all moved in and snug as a bug in his new room. Here are some new and improved ideas including an in-floor rocket mass heater (a new … Continue reading →