2015 Chiang Dao Natural Building Workshop, Thailand

“We will learn how to build a roundhouse with a dome roof, using rice-husk bags, bamboo, earth and other local materials. We will not be using any electrical tools. After the workshop, you will be able to go off and … Continue reading →

Feedback on Building with Rice Hull Bags

Numerous structures have been built with rice hulls over the years. We’ve previous reported on the Rice Hull B&B and Paul’s Rice Hull Earthbag House. Up till now we’ve had little to no feedback on their effectiveness over time, particularly … Continue reading →

Rice Hull House Wall Section

Yesterday’s blog post on Production Earthbag Building using Rice Hulls introduced one method for building walls with rice hulls. As you can see from the drawing above, the construction process is very straightforward. This method uses a standard post and … Continue reading →

Production Earthbag Building using Rice Hulls

Mike, in Texas, has been asking some interesting questions about wrapping a post and beam frame with tubes of rice hulls. He thinks this is probably the fastest way to build an earthbag house. He may very well be right. … Continue reading →

Vetiver and Rice Hull/Clay

If you’ve been watching our videos, you’ve seen us making various earthen blocks. This one here is the best one so far. It has clay and rice hulls. Another very good block was the clay with vetiver grass. So I … Continue reading →