Husk Power Systems

“Husk Power Systems designs, installs and operates biomass-based power plants. Each plant uses proprietary gasification technology to convert abundant agricultural residue (procured from local farmers) into electricity, which is then distributed to rural households and micro-enterprises through a micro-grid system … Continue reading →

Adobe Rocket Stove

Experimental rocket stove made with rice/hull clay adobes for insulation and traditional adobes. “Two kinds of adobe: one regular old adobe mix and one that’s rice hull/clay. I wanted to try out the rice/hull clay thing as insulator. I didn’t … Continue reading →

Rice Hull Earthbag House

I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Paul in Chiang Dao, a district north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We’ve been discussing how to build an earthbag house with bags filled with rice hulls. Rice hulls are super cheap, fire resistant, … Continue reading →

Rice Hull/Clay Blocks and Earthbags

We’re experimenting with rice hulls and clay to make lightweight building blocks. We’re using 25% rice hulls on our first test block. This is our first test block with a rice hull/clay mixture. This is not the most efficient way … Continue reading →