Rice hull concrete for cool room insulation

UC Davis designed a CoolBot cool room (excellent project for homesteaders!) using rice hull concrete for insulation and a CoolBot controller to keep farm produce fresher. The cool room paid for itself the first year and even helped make a … Continue reading →

Rice Hull Bag Workshop in Thailand

“Announcing the 2nd Rice-Husk-Bag Workshop! This will take place in northern Thailand, November 2015. We will learn how to build walls with bags filled with rice husks (hulls), benches with earthbags, put in doors and windows, cover the walls with … Continue reading →

Rice Hull Tubes between Double Steel Pipe

Lightweight materials such as rice hulls can speed construction ten-fold. But good design is important! Note how Paul in Thailand (see yesterday’s blog post) added buttresses and steel pipe here and there as problems developed. Basically, he was just “winging … Continue reading →

Unlimited Roundhouse Possibilities

I’ve often said roundhouses are the easiest, quickest way to build small houses. I did a quick search of roundhouses built with sustainable materials and was pretty amazed at all the possibilities. For instance, here’s a site with roundhouse photos. … Continue reading →

Interview with Maggi of Chiang Dao B&B on Rice Hull Houses

Richard, a long time reader, is really excited about building with rice hulls. He’s especially interested in using this method after learning from Maggi of Chiang Dao B&B in Thailand that rice hulls are more durable than previously thought. So, … Continue reading →