An introduction to off grid living in the UK

A quick tour of where I live and a chat about how I do it! I cover solar power, heating, cooking, growing food, using rain water and more. … Continue reading →

Recycled Wood Housing Business

This small construction company is just down the street from us. I’ve driven past it countless times and it suddenly dawned on me to do a blog post about this business. This appears to be the owner’s home. They build … Continue reading →

Our Tropical Forest Garden and Homestead Update: One Year+ Later

Tour of our finished homestead. The forest garden is now a lush haven for humans and native wildlife. Our banana plants are around 9’-16’ high and producing nicely. After a long delay, I’m posting another video about our homestead and … Continue reading →

Salvage Workshops and The Salvage Mining Tutorial DVDs

We’ve featured several Tiny Texas Houses projects here on our blog. Some readers may be interested in building their own recycled homes and so I thought we’d take a look at their educational materials. Here is the product description of … Continue reading →

Cost Breakdown of Our Recycled Wood House

We’ve been making steady progress on our recycled wood house and forest garden. Some of you might remember my earlier blog post about this project. The primary goal of our homestead is to become largely food self sufficient due to … Continue reading →

Update on our Recycled Wood House

Today is our slow day and so I thought I’d pull together a short blog post about our recycled wood house. It’s coming along nicely as you can see in the photo above. The walls are mostly done now. My … Continue reading →