Live from Indonesia: 10 Years After the Asian Tsunami

The devastating 2004 Asian tsunami was pivotal in my life. The tsunami occurred while I was working for Builders Without Borders. Intensive research into every conceivable house building method I could find all pointed to the conclusion that earthbag housing … Continue reading →

Free Plans Now Available for the HNC House

Free downloadable plans for the HNC House (Haitian National Congress) are now available at Teach Be sure to check out their other amazing resources that will be used to help rebuild the Haitian economy. This is the most promising … Continue reading →

Happier International: Sustainable Housing in Haiti

Here’s a new project I just found. Full text is below. This is all I know at this time. Their website doesn’t provide any more info. Please let us know if you hear of more details. Since January 2010 Happier … Continue reading →

Two New Haiti Earthbag Videos

I just found these new videos on YouTube and know very little about them. I’m eager to learn how they propose to build the large vaults, because these are very difficult to build with earthbags. The first one is an … Continue reading →