Reciprocal Roof at

“Reciprocal frame roofs are highly regarded in the natural building community though there is a limited amount of information about them on the internet. Resources that we’ve found helpful are listed at the bottom of this post. There is evidence … Continue reading →

“We are, a farm, homestead, permaculture demonstration site, and self-sufficiency classroom. H.O.M.E. is an acronym for Holistically Organized Multidisciplinary Endeavors. Quite a name, huh? We hope you can learn from us and share with us what you know, as … Continue reading →

Reciprocal Roofs as an Art Form

World Hall community building by Lincoln School of Architecture Sculpting Earth Blog Reciprocal roofs are growing in popularity among natural builders. The latest trend is to build more complex reciprocal roofs. The ones shown here are state of the art. … Continue reading →