High-yield food production in limited space

“Video showing the building of a composting raised bed in the south of France (hugelkultur raised bed or gardening mound) with retaining walls, wood at the bottom, RCW (Ramial Chipped Wood) and mulch on top. Raised bed intended for growing … Continue reading →

Modified Raised Bed Gardening with Wood Chip Trench Composting

“A major issue in sustaining vegetable production is maintaining high soil quality in the face of common practices that work against it. Vegetable growing often involves intensive tillage, cultivation, exposure of almost-bare soil to the sun and rain for long … Continue reading →

Durable Raised Garden Beds

Many gardeners are familiar with Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening system: raised garden beds of any size divided into square foot (300mm) grids. It’s a very popular gardening system and he has sold over one million books. With this method … Continue reading →