3 Reasons Why We Can Win the Fight Against Poverty

“Half of the world’s poorest people have something in common: they’re small farmers. In this eye-opening talk, activist Andrew Youn shows how his group, One Acre Fund, is helping these farmers lift themselves out of poverty by delivering to them … Continue reading →

Recipe for Hope: The Importance of Sustainability and Self Reliance

A concerned Honduran, familiar with the work of Recipe For Hope, referred to the closing of a large Honduran bank under investigation for alleged narco-trafficking in the United States and the ripple effect leading to the likely closing of several … Continue reading →

Expanding Earthbag Building in Nepal

Earthbag building in Nepal is growing swiftly for numerous reasons. For one, around 55 earthbag buildings survived the earthquakes with little or no damage. That’s about the most powerful advertising you can get. People saw for themselves how earthbag buildings … Continue reading →

‘Water Man of India’ Rajendra Singh

Stories like this give me so much hope that they’re starting to change my life. The ‘Water Man of India’ reminds me of the Miracle Water Village that we posted about last year and some other related ideas about Restoring … Continue reading →