Tiny house village being built for homeless veterans in Oregon

“After a successful collaborative effort to set up the Kenton Women’s Village, City Repair is partnering with [other NGOs] to create a sleeping pod village for 15 houseless veterans in Clackamas County for version 3.0 of Partners on Dwelling (POD) … Continue reading →

$2,000 DIY Tiny Houses

I love the great ideas coming out of the tiny house movement, and it’s great to see growing interest in this area. One topic that’s not talked about often enough in my opinion is do-it-yourself, super cheap tiny/small houses made … Continue reading →

One man’s fight against poverty, by making a mansion out of mud

“Macford Mwape lives on less than two dollars a day in Zambia’s Copperbelt region. He’s spent the last five years painstakingly making ten thousand mud bricks, to build the house of his dreams. Now he wants to train his neighbours … Continue reading →

Appropriate Technology Sourcebook: Housing and Construction

“It is not so much ‘how to build’ as ‘how to choose techniques and materials appropriate to a given situation.’ ” —letter from a volunteer in Papua New Guinea … Continue reading →

Sustainable Building Networks

Do you have a sustainable building network in your area? If you do, it will make the process of building with alternative materials much easier. These networks pull together all sorts of key information to guide people through the building … Continue reading →

What’s the Real Cause of the World’s Housing Problem?

Over a billion people in the world lack decent housing even though there are dozens of low cost housing methods that could eliminate this problem. Possibilities include building with earthbags, adobe, cob, pallets, bamboo and other locally available materials. These … Continue reading →