Sewing Gusseted Earthbags

Touring earthbag building projects in Nepal has allowed us to gather hundreds of photos, dozens of hours of video footage, and discover lots of interesting new earthbag techniques and developments. I now have fresh content for lots of future blog … Continue reading →

Bag Suppliers in Australia

Today‚Äôs post is from Luke and Edwina in Australia. “Being in Australia, and keen to explore Earthbagging, I started scouting for suppliers of the bags. There seem to be any number of Chinese companies happy to send to me, but … Continue reading →

Durability of Polypropylene Bags

What is the lifespan of poly bags, and will they make durable foundations? From our experience and from what we can gather from other sources, poly bags can last almost indefinitely if kept out of sunlight, and therefore double-bagged foundations … Continue reading →