Fiber Options for Plaster in the Tropics

We have a guest post today by Owen Ingley of Plenitud Iniciativas, who has been experimenting with fibers in plaster. “Greetings from Puerto Rico. I just wanted to give you a quick update on something that we’ve tried recently. The … Continue reading →

Flattening Walls to Reduce Plaster Work

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Paul: In the EcoOcha video I noticed they tamped the sides to reduce the ‘log cabin’ look and to reduce the amount of plaster required. This smoother surface would be much easier … Continue reading →

American Clay Plasters

For those who are curious about how to finish interior earthbag walls, take a look at this video by American Clay. Their website explains how “earthen plasters allow you to infuse your office with the texture, color and character of … Continue reading →

Lowest Cost Plaster Mesh

Often plaster mesh is not required, but when it is needed it’s useful to know which type of plaster mesh is most affordable – chicken wire, plastic mesh or fishing net. I think stucco mesh is overkill and so it’s … Continue reading →