Regenerative Forest Gardens by Ernst Gotsch

Ernst Gotsch spent years planting a giant 500 hectare (1,200 acre food forest) in Brazil to perfect his techniques. In this video, you can see the results of farmer’s who have trained with Gotsch and are now applying his methods. … Continue reading →

My Big Dream

After realizing how much I love planting/creating forest gardens, I’ve decided to make a large forest garden in about 5-10 years for my ‘retirement plan’. I don’t have the money now and am not sure exactly where the farm will … Continue reading →

Is This the World’s Biggest Back to Eden Food Forest?

Aaron Graber, discusses his personal project of developing a “Back to Eden” forest garden. This project requires around 2,000 yards of wood chip mulch, a Ventrac 4500, and a little bit of crazy! The Ventrac compact tractor is capable of … Continue reading →

Lawn to FOOD FOREST In 5 Years, Natural Farming Permaculture Gardening

The Permaculture Food Forest gardening has made huge strides the last 5 years. Every investment has been worth it and using natural farming techniques learned from Masanobu Fukuoka, and Permaculture techniques learned from people like Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton … Continue reading →