Energy Globe Award for Haiti 2014

As Haitians continue building with alternative materials, straw wattle projects near Gonaives received international recognition with an Energy Globe award this year! At the award ceremony in New York City Patti Stouter met Carline Seide-Murphy, three-time winner of the award … Continue reading →

First Earthbag Shake Table Tests Create a Computer Model

“How much reinforcement do straight wall earthbag buildings need for earthquakes? Engineers can’t tell without test results. Until this year no one has tested earthbag on a shake table, since full-size testing could cost between $10,000 and $15,000 USD. … Continue reading →

Patti Stouter’s Straw Wattle Dormitories

“My Haitian friends with HCDP have built 3 dorms of straw wattle on earthbag base. We sized them to fit the most beds possible, and to add 2 short tents between them so that they could accomodate the most beds … Continue reading →

Hyper-Wattle Video and Update

Patti Stouter, winner of the $300 House contest, is at it again. Her latest project combines 1. gravel-filled poly bags (earthbag foundation), 2. hyper-adobe (compacted soil in mesh bags), with 3. hyper-wattle (straw filled mesh bags or tubes soaked in … Continue reading →

Hyper-wattle Update

Here’s the latest from Patti. “People building with trash have relied on bottles filled with sand or adobe or film plastics to provide strength in infill walls. They have needed either cement mortar or chicken wire to hold the walls … Continue reading →

Hyper-wattle Wall Test

Patti Stouter just tested her hyper-wattle wall system that’s she’s building at her home in New York. She’s published the results on her Hyper-wattle proposal at the $300 House design competition. She’s been in the top three consistently and there’s … Continue reading →