Beat the Heat with Water Misters

“Evaporative Water Misting is proven to reduce temperatures up to 25 Degrees Cooler!!! – Water misting is proven to repel mosquitoes and air born pests – Pump systems connect to any 12-volt power source or generator – Generators use a … Continue reading →

Additional Passive Cooling Strategies for Hot Climates

The following list includes dozens of low tech, low cost ways to cool buildings in hot climates passively without electricity or machinery, i.e., passive cooling or natural cooling. This list is in addition to the 11 or so simple passive … Continue reading →

Passive Cooling Strategies for Hot Climates

Today I want to talk about passive cooling strategies for keeping your home cool in hot climates. This is a very hot climate and yet our earthbag roundhouse is about 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler inside than out. So 15 degrees … Continue reading →

Earth Coupled Floors

Earth coupled floors – high mass floors in contact with the soil below (slab on grade, tile, stone, CEB, earthen floors, salvaged brick) – are ideal for keeping homes cool in hot climates. They are not recommended for cold climates … Continue reading →