Plastic Bottle Village Recycles PET bottles to Build Houses

“When it comes to green architecture, many recycled things come to our mind from clay houses to PET bottle construction. One example of such environment friendly architecture is the world’s first Plastic Bottle Village located on Isla Colón in Panama. … Continue reading →

Earthbag EcoRancho Update

“Our EcoRanchos are well under way to be finished on the exterior and interior (Lime based Plaster). Missing are the stairs (access to the Lofts) and some other details before we proceed with inner finishings and decor. Towards the end … Continue reading →

EcoRancho Update

“We started these EcoRanchos back in August 2011 and we are making steady progress since then. Here’s an update we posted on YouTube today. We are placing regular updates on our webpage on the building progress and hopefully we have … Continue reading →