$6/square foot Straw Bale Houses in Pakistan

“After the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building (PAKSBAB) was set up to protect people’s homes against extreme weather conditions. More recently with the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey, I am reminded of the value of homes and … Continue reading →

More Earthbag Houses in Pakistan

Today’s post is from a group in Pakistan who’s building flood resistant houses. “Sir, the size of the structure is 20 feet by 12 feet. We have given a buttress on the back wall. We dug an 18 inch trench … Continue reading →

Earthbag Houses in Parova, Pakistan

We’re very happy to hear of a project in Pakistan for 100 earthbag houses. The text below has been pieced together from the Pakwheels forum. Parova is 30 km from Dera Ismial Khan, badly effected from recent flood & now … Continue reading →

Flood and Earthquake Resistant Earthbag Foundations in Pakistan

As you may well know, the recent floods in Pakistan destroyed or damaged 2 million homes, affecting 20 million people. PAKSBAB, an NGO building strawbale houses in Pakistan, uses gravel-filled earthbag foundations to protect their houses from water damage. To … Continue reading →