Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen Tour

“The need for an outdoor kitchen became apparent during summer months and the south’s extreme heat. Hours and hours are spent canning the produce that will be the food for our family during the winter. Sorghum will be squeezed and … Continue reading →

Durable, Affordable DIY Concrete Countertops

We needed an inexpensive way to make durable countertops for our outdoor kitchen, and after a little head scratching we came up with a pretty good solution at a fraction of the cost of custom made – about $20 instead … Continue reading →

All-in-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill & Smoker

Once you’ve built your dream earthbag house, you’ll need an efficient means of cooking. At our house, this includes an oven as one part of our outdoor kitchen that keeps heat out of the house. This latest project was a … Continue reading →