Mixed Agroforestry and Aquaculture

A basic tenet of permaculture is for everything to have more than one use. In the example shown here, instead of having a fish pond separate from an orchard, agroforest or forest garden the two are integrated for increased efficiency. … Continue reading →

Modified Raised Bed Gardening with Wood Chip Trench Composting

“A major issue in sustaining vegetable production is maintaining high soil quality in the face of common practices that work against it. Vegetable growing often involves intensive tillage, cultivation, exposure of almost-bare soil to the sun and rain for long … Continue reading →

Tiny House Ecovillage in a Fruit Orchard

Close yours eyes and imagine a dream ecovillage near the base of the mountains where the weather is not too harsh. The sheltered climate and flat river bottom land is ideal for orchards and gardening. A small group of ecology-minded … Continue reading →