40ft Shipping Containers Transformed Into Amazing Off-Grid Family Home

There are easier, less expensive ways to build a home like this than using containers. I’m showing it anyway because the over all design is lovely and efficient and has lots of good ideas. … Continue reading →

Live on a cliff, inside a mountain! This ultimate off the grid home is on the market.

“Unique, Dream home, Words cannot describe this totally Awesome, Off the Grid, Self Sufficient Home tucked away in an ancient alcove in beautiful Southeastern Utah canyon in a place remote but still close to the town. … Continue reading →

Judge Declares Living Off-grid Illegal

Here’s an example of your tax dollars hard at work pursuing a ‘criminal’ who has decided to live off-grid. Truth is, she’s doing nothing ethicly wrong or illegal. The city is just scared s%#&less that thousands of others will start … Continue reading →

Natural Building — Why You Should Build a House with Natural Materials

Natural Building Methods – Why You Should Build a House with Natural Materials from Sean Tounn on Vimeo. “Learn about why you should build your home or other structures with Timber Framing, Cob, Earth Bag, Straw Bales, Adobe, or Reclaimed … Continue reading →