Samaritan’s Purse Planning 500 Earthbag Houses in Nepal

“Nepal’s April 2015 earthquake destroyed 91 of the 97 homes in Kumari Maya Tamang’s village a two-hour drive on bumpy and winding dirt roads from Kathmandu. … Continue reading →

OpEdNews: Earthquake-Resistant in the Himalayas

“My guest today is Kateryna Zemskova, CEO and co-founder of Good Earth Nepal. Joan Brunwasser: Welcome to OpEdNews, Kateryna. I’m quite sure that most of our readers have not heard of your organization. Can you tell us a bit about … Continue reading →

Earthbag Technical Report in NEA Engineer’s Journal

I’m happy to announce the publication of our earthbag technical report in Nepal. Kateryna Zemskova of Good Earth played a big part in making this happen. Good Earth Nepal also won the NEA design award in January. … Continue reading →

Rebuild Namkheli, Nepal – 6 Earthbag Houses Completed

“25th April 2015 is my 2nd birthday”, said Ang Furba Sherpa, our partner from Be Human Nepal. And it is so true for many Nepalese who had experienced the devastating earthquake which tore Nepal apart exactly year ago. The homes … Continue reading →

Earthbag Animal Shelter in Nepal Survived the Earthquakes with No Damage

“Earthbag is an affordable and earthquake safe building method for Nepal, says Animal Nepal. The animal welfare agency was pleasantly surprised when its earthbag/adobe shelter did not sustain a single crack during the earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and … Continue reading →

Jiri Earthbag Project Report

“We are extremely proud of the results of this project as we managed to achieve our targets and have had a very positive response from the Jiri locals. The Jirel house has been a response to local architectural vernacular and … Continue reading →