The Art and Science of Natural Plaster

“We just launched “The Art and Science of Natural Plaster” on Kickstarter. For the last months, Chris Magwood and I have been pouring our lives into this educational documentary. We want to help more people to know about Natural Plaster … Continue reading →

Decorative Plaster 1

Most people probably think of boring, mud brown color when they hear of natural plaster. In actuality, natural plasters come in limitless colors and variations, and so I’ve decided to do regular features on this topic. Image source: Natural Wonder … Continue reading →

Calcium Carbide Lime Plaster

“A friend suggested a product I was unfamiliar with, so I decided to research and do some testing. The chemical name is calcium hydroxide… ca(oh)2 (calcium carbide), a by-product created in the production of acetylene. I went into Managua to … Continue reading →

Natural Plaster Books

The Natural Plaster Book: Earth, Lime, and Gypsum Plasters for Natural Homes by Cedar Rose Guelberth and Daniel D. Chiras, 2002. For builders of natural homes (straw bale, cob, adobe, rammed earth, and other natural materials), this unique step-by-step guide … Continue reading →