Real-life Hobbit Houses – Cae Mabon

“Eric Maddern creates an award-winning “Shangri-la” of natural building in Snowdonia. His buildings re-create indigenous house styles around the world, using natural materials such as wood, mud and straw. He has an octagonal Native American hogan with reciprocal frame roof, … Continue reading →

Natural Building Blog — Number 2 on Google

Just for fun I did a search for the phrase “natural building” on Google, which is the world’s #1 search engine by far. The Wiki entry came up number one (as is often the case). Our Natural Building Blog is … Continue reading →

Africa Vernacular Architecture Database

“Welcome to the data base on African vernacular architecture. There is very little information available on vernacular architecture of Africa…. this data base is the only source on line to view images of vernacular structures in every African country. … Continue reading →

Watershed Materials Develops Clay Masonry Twice as Strong as Concrete

California-based startup Watershed Materials, with support from the National Science Foundation, has spent the last four years researching and developing a concrete alternative. Currently, their studies have produced a masonry created with natural, mineral based geopolymers, that has incredible strength … Continue reading →