Online Natural Building Encyclopedia

Here are two more endlessly scrolling sites with thousands of natural building images. They might be the largest image databases of natural houses in the world. Wonderful sites. Some of the images are absolutely amazing. … Continue reading →

Justin Hall Eco Home Engineering

Hall Engineering Group Ltd. works with our customers to obtain structural and city approvals for construction permits. They have worked with natural and green homes for years and understand the complexities and beneficial requirements pertinent to sustainable homes. Justin Hall … Continue reading →

Wilson Natural Home

“From the moment you arrive at this luxurious, secluded and supremely natural residence, you will be surrounded by 9 acres of breathtaking walkways, forest, open skies and open fields. Eco-chic style meets passive solar architecture in this masterful award-winning sustainable … Continue reading →

One Acre and Security: What Would You Do?

In my formative teen years I was reading books such as Bradford Angier’s One Acre & Security about how to live simply off the land. These books set the direction for my life. I won’t recap what the book is … Continue reading →

Natural Buildings for Urban Living (part 2)

“The Craftsman-style bungalow looks normal on the outside, but the surprise is on the inside: straw bales inside the framing provide super insulation. Natural builder Lydia Doleman designed this 800-square-foot small-footprint house to last centuries, with its metal roof and … Continue reading →