Rice hull concrete for cool room insulation

UC Davis designed a CoolBot cool room (excellent project for homesteaders!) using rice hull concrete for insulation and a CoolBot controller to keep farm produce fresher. The cool room paid for itself the first year and even helped make a … Continue reading →

Family tests Rotterdam self-sufficient home within greenhouse

When Helly Scholten was offered the opportunity to spend three years living in a home inside of a greenhouse on Rotterdam’s docklands, she immediately volunteered her family. Scholten, her partner and two teen daughters moved into the experimental home and … Continue reading →

Open house day at Bio Veda Academy – 03/03/2018

Take a tour of Bioveda’s Urban Garden in South Africa. This whirlwind 46 minute home tour shows Bioveda’s earthbag and aircrete structures, their appropriate technology such as solar cookers and biogas, as well as an extensive system of earthbag planters, … Continue reading →

HomeBiogas – Turn Your Waste into Energy

Start producing cooking gas and natural fertilizer from your own waste. This HomeBiogas https://homebiogas.com/ digester will process up to 4 kg of food waste a day. But even one kilo would give you one hour of cooking! 1kg (2.2 lb) … Continue reading →

Artist Creates The Most Unique Tiny House Ever Built

I have seen and toured many tiny homes over the years. However, this is honestly the most unique tiny house I have ever seen. My only regret is that I did not ask how many hours he has into building … Continue reading →

Natural Building | Living With The Land |

Natural buildings are an ancient tradition with a modern appeal. Creating healthy, beautiful homes from natural materials such as earth, straw and timber, building naturally is the ultimate expression of ecological design. Building isn’t ‘done’ to us – it can … Continue reading →