Build an Indigenous Village at Standing Rock

“This is an incredible time of positive change! Time to bring traditional structures and lifeways back in new and exciting ways! Standing Rock is bringing together Indigenous led Water Protectors and Earth Warriors in profound ways, supporting the just transition … Continue reading →

Quiggly Holes

“Ever wonder what it would be like to live completely underground? Picture a beautifully built dwelling etched into the ground, used as refuge from cold winter months. This is what is known as a ‘Quiggly Hole’ or an earth lodge … Continue reading →

Yurok Native Reservation Earthbag Build

“UEB’s first 1,225sqft structure built with the semi-automatic 3d printer, the Earth Home Builder. 9 days of bag laying of 21″ bag. Fastest layer of 40′ length was laid in 11m16s! The crew was trained on site and ranged from … Continue reading →

Wigwam Construction

“Chogan and his family needed a structure that could support the heavy snow and also provide shelter from the harsh northern winters. The dome shape of the wigwam has natural strength, and any snow that accumulated on the wigwam roof … Continue reading →