Ferrocement Roofed Domes for Tropical Climates

Domes are vulnerable to water damage, so what to do in rainy climates? I say add a roof. There are various roofed dome houses on our main website at EarthbagBuilding.com that you peruse here and here. Those are earthbag domes. … Continue reading →

Decorative Ferrocement

Ferrocement doesn’t have to mean gray and boring. Here are just a few options for finishing ferrocement ceilings, beams, columns and walls. Image source: Arquitectura Organica (Nautilus House) Image source: Flying Concrete … Continue reading →

Low-fired Brick

For years, I’ve ruled out building with brick because of the large amount of energy consumed in the manufacturing process, and the associated environmental toll. Like concrete and other high embodied energy materials, high-fired brick is generally not considered a … Continue reading →