New, Clean Energy Source: Living Plants

“On November 23, a researcher from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Marjolein Helder, presented her Ph.D. research on a method to generate clean, renewable electricity from natural interactions between the soil and growing plants. … Continue reading →

Multifunctional small green roofs: drought-proof shelters with wildlife habitats

“Whilst building low cost small green roofs Tim Green had a brain wave. His roofs could not only keep his buildings weather proof, he could also make them into wildlife habitats and dust them with symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi to make … Continue reading →

Three Natural Building Books

Natural Building: A Guide to Materials and Techniques Natural building involves construction with materials that have undergone less processing and manufacturing than conventional synthetic products. Wherever possible, the natural materials that are used are renewable, originating from crops, and are … Continue reading →

More Insulated Earthbag Vault Designs

This is a fourth installment on earthbag vaults. Previous posts have already covered most of the details. This blog post presents two more options – living roof and thatch roof. The thatched roof is the simplest and fastest. The living … Continue reading →

Update on Our Living Roof

It’s been somewhat of a struggle to get the living roof on our earthbag dome established. The steep sides make it quite challenging, because water runs off quickly and washes away the soil and nutrients. This causes dry areas to … Continue reading →

Alternative Waterproof Membranes for Living Roofs

There’s growing interest in living roofs or green roofs. The difficulty is deciding on the waterproof membrane. Rubber pond liner (EPDM) is the most waterproof and durable material, and the most common choice due to proven performance, but it’s also … Continue reading →