Andrea Rossi Granted E-Cat Patent by US Patent Office

Today’s news is reposted from my favorite blog — E-Cat It’s a story I’ve been following closely for several years because it is world changing technology. For those who don’t know, Rossi now has major investors and is half … Continue reading →

Tests Confirm Anomalous Heat Production in Rossi’s E-Cat

Here’s the biggest LENR/cold fusion news in at least the last few years. A team of independent scientists have confirmed anomalous heat production from Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat reactor. I’ve already spent around 1,500-2,000 hours following this story because I’m convinced … Continue reading →

Cold Fusion Now Art Contest

I’ve put a great deal of time and effort into understanding what’s happening with LENR/cold fusion reactions. Overwhelming evidence confirms LENR is proven beyond doubt, but exactly how the process works is still not understood. Fully understanding the process is … Continue reading →

Thrive Update & Plans for 2013

Thrive was released online on 11.11.11, and is now free to watch online at In this video, filmmaker Kimberly Carter Gamble gives an update on the Thrive Movement and plans for 2013. For the latest news, join us on … Continue reading →