No Lava Rock/Scoria Available in Alaska

From Angela, a reader in Alaska: “I just wanted to add some updated info. I have been searching high and low for scoria. Alaska doesn’t have readily available sources. I have contacted a long list of people and while we … Continue reading →

Halcyon Times Dome Home

“Three long months… 2,000 sandbags, 4,000 nails for closing the bags, 90 cubic yards of lava rock, 4 miles of barbed wire, -40 lbs. of combined weight-loss & 37 cans of Cattle Drive Chili… we have completed construction of our … Continue reading →

Using Scoria for Earthbag Building

If you’ve been reading our blogs and websites, you’ll often see reference to scoria. Scoria, also known as lava rock, has numerous properties which make it a great building material. The key breakthrough for earthbag building was Kelly Hart’s house … Continue reading →