Rainwater swale, water weirs and culvert cistern – Desert Permaculture

“Update to my rainwater fruit tree project where I use some permaculture techniques to water my fruit trees. Hopefully you might be able to incorporate something similar on your own home, homestead or urban farm! Thanks for watching:)” … Continue reading →

Low Cost Solar Irrigation

“Greenpeace Innovation Challenge Winner. The only solar pump that fulfilled all the design criteria and won 5 awards in this worldwide contest. Suntrolley is a 1 hp portable solar water pumping system which can replace diesel irrigation pumps for small … Continue reading →

1 Million Greywater Systems for Brazil

In the North East of Brazil, millions of people battle to grow food around their houses due to toxic grey water from washing and sewage that runs outside. But now a newly designed biowater filtering system has the potential to … Continue reading →