Vesicular Basalt for Earthbag Building

. “I have been going a bit nuts trying to find a bulk supplier of Scoria nearby. I was recently reading in an article that the area I live in has large deposits of basaltic scoria; like the biggest in … Continue reading →

No Lava Rock/Scoria Available in Alaska

From Angela, a reader in Alaska: “I just wanted to add some updated info. I have been searching high and low for scoria. Alaska doesn’t have readily available sources. I have contacted a long list of people and while we … Continue reading →

Strawmark Strawbale Homes FAQ

Q. Is Strawmark suitable for wetter areas of New Zealand? A. Strawmark commissioned a Moisture Performance Test by BRANZ/BIA, which sets the building code. Their test results state that our method is suitable for all areas of New Zealand. … Continue reading →

First Code Approved Scoria Bag Pole House

“About two years ago, my family purchased 11 acres in the north of New Zealand with the hopes of creating a family farm out of the empty paddocks. With a good pioneering spirit, we moved onto the land and lived … Continue reading →