Building Earthbag Tornado Shelters for Profit

In a previous blog post about Earthbag Tornado Shelters I suggested building them for profit. Four years later the same advice is still valid. The marketing process should be even easier now since earthbag buildings are much more common. One … Continue reading →

How We Built A Low Cost Tornado Shelter

Yea, another earthbag book. Kelly and I just published our new books (see links on right side of page if you missed them). There’s this new book on building earthbag tornado shelters. Plus there’s another earthbag book coming out any … Continue reading →

Storm Safety Shelter

“This was designed for safety in mind. We have had many requests in natural disaster areas (Oklahoma, Colorado, California) that we decided to make a universal plan that meets the international standard for storm shelter safety with an environmentally sound … Continue reading →

$229,000 FEMA Trailers

Comments from yesterday’s blog post prompted me to look up the cost of FEMA trailers for Hurricane Katrina victims. We all know the government buys $600 toilet seats, but this report about FEMA trailers really shocked and disgusted me. “A … Continue reading →

Emergency Earthbag Shelters for Pakistan

Two clever examples out of many possible solutions. “We ended 2005 with a project in the earthquake-stricken district of Bagh, Pakistan to provide Improvised All Weather Rapid Shelters (IRAS). Your strong funding of dZi this year has allow us to … Continue reading →