Basalt Reinforced Domes

I’m not a fan of concrete monolithic domes, but the use of basalt roving reinforcement is an interesting technique that could be used with other building methods. It’s very strong and doesn’t rust. Consider using it in hurricane and earthquake … Continue reading →

The Earth Home Builder – Mechanized Earthbag Construction

3D printing a home has become a reality! Have you ever wanted to 3D print your home with earthbag? United Earth Builders has developed a method and repurposed an auger to do just that! The Earth Home Builder™ is an … Continue reading →

Open Source Disaster Resistant Earthbag Homes

Announcing a new open source project at Natural Building Blog with free plans available after completion of design. Please submit your suggestions below for an ultra low-cost, disaster resistant earthbag home for coastal areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes/cyclones and … Continue reading →