Hurricane Resistant Earthbag Houses

Earthbag building is perfect for constructing storm resistant affordable housing in hurricane and tornado regions. Steve and Carol Escott’s house for instance has been through numerous hurricanes with no serious damage so far. … Continue reading →

Earthbag Building Philippines

“I have been interested in building techniques for a few years, with dreams of one day building a small castle. A conversation with Louis, a Dutch friend, introduced me to earthbag building techniques. Essentially, this involves filling rice bags with … Continue reading →

A Small Octagonal House for Hurricanes and Tornadoes

“This octagon house was built as a ‘granny cabin’ with tornadoes in mind. After Hurricane Katrina tore down his house Paul built himself a dome and his mom an octagon. This is what he has to say about it!” … Continue reading →

Earthbag Domes Survive Hurricane Chapala

“Hi Owen, Our earthbag dome has not been finished, we ran out of budget. The Chapala cyclone hit the area with very severe storms and rains a few weeks ago, here are the walls before and after.” … Continue reading →

Survival Tactics: Dirt Cheap Bullet-Proof Earthbag Shelters

“Environmentalist’s best kept secret and the concrete industry’s worst nightmare… … the earthbag method means that you can build a small retreat to withstand bullets, floods, hurricanes, storms and fires much better than a conventional house.” … Continue reading →

Massive Earthbag Retaining Walls

I have to laugh when people keep asking me if earthbag building is strong. Earthbags (sand bags) have centuries of use by militaries worldwide, because they’re bomb, blast and bullet resistant. Millions of sand bags are used each year for … Continue reading →