Qanat Windcatcher

“A windcatcher is a traditional Persian architectural element to create natural ventilation in buildings. Windcatchers come in various designs: uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional. Windcatchers remain present in many countries and can be found in traditional Persian-influenced architecture throughout the Middle … Continue reading →

Passive Cooling Strategies for Hot Climates

Today I want to talk about passive cooling strategies for keeping your home cool in hot climates. This is a very hot climate and yet our earthbag roundhouse is about 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler inside than out. So 15 degrees … Continue reading →

Do Earthbag Homes Overheat?

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Josh: Do earthbag homes overheat in hot, humid climates such as Haiti? My friend toured some domes in California and they were like ovens. And how does earthbag compare to cinderblock (concrete … Continue reading →