Best Places to Live with Minimal Building Codes: Lewis County, TN

I’ve been doing a series of articles recently on the best places to live in North America that have few or no building codes. I’m asking readers to send us their recommendations. Today’s article is the fifth installment of the … Continue reading →

Primitive Pole Barn for $93

“Paul Wheaton has shown us the goods again! This enormous pole barn is made with tree, earthworks and a few old ad canvases. What do you think? Isn’t it great! Find him here at and also … Continue reading →

How We’re Living In Our Tiny Home LEGALLY

Derek from Life Inside a Box channel explains how he and Hannah live legally in their tiny home in Cochise county, Arizona. Note how building codes vary from county to county and what they’re doing is not legal everywhere, so … Continue reading →

Homemade Potting Soil

This blog post describes two types of homemade potting mix that I’m currently experimenting with. The first mix is for growing potted plants such as herbs, vegetables and flowers. A second mix for growing trays of microgreens is described lower … Continue reading →