25 Small Sustainable House Plans: Cutaway Drawings

My new house plans book covers my most popular house designs. These houses are low-cost, DIY, sustainable house designs, many of which can be built for less than $10,000 if you use locally sourced materials such as earthbags, straw bales … Continue reading →

Hobbit House with Second Story Deck

Here’s another version of the Hobbit House (five versions altogether) showing an open-air second story deck and rectangular windows. The deck adds another 471 square feet of living space at very little extra cost. This design is perfect for hot … Continue reading →

New Computer Renderings

I’m gradually converting my basic hand-drawn plans to AutoCAD and SketchUp, starting with the most popular designs at Earthbag House Plans. I think you’ll agree there is much improvement. And it isn’t just visual effects. Plans are being tweaked based … Continue reading →