Yurt and Tiny Living Tips From Experts

Smaller House, Larger Life “Making the choice to live small in a yurt or tiny house is no quick decision. However, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, connect closely with the people you live with, be one with … Continue reading →

Smaller is Better in the Tiny House Movement

“The unpredictable economy, recent natural disasters and the fickle housing market are driving many working class Americans to live more frugally. Although downsizing, living simply and being environmentally-conscious are not new ideas to any generation, Millennials graduating with unprecedented amounts … Continue reading →

Alejandro Aravena: Bring the community into the design process

“When asked to build housing for 100 families in Chile ten years ago, architect Alejandro Aravena looked to an unusual inspiration: the wisdom of favelas and slums. Rather than building a large building with small units, he built flexible half-homes … Continue reading →

Free Sample House Plan by Precision Structural Engineering

Precision Structural Engineering has kindly provided a free sample house plan to showcase their earthbag engineering prowess. Here’s the free PDF plans. As you can see, their code approved engineered plans are very extensive and detailed. Precision Structural Engineering is … Continue reading →

Tiny House Tour at Stunning Waterfront Off-Grid Resort

“In this video we take you on a tour of 2 beautiful off-grid tiny houses at the Domaine Floravie tiny house eco-resort in Rimouski, Québec, Canada. Domaine Floravie has a total of 7 tiny houses located on a stunning piece … Continue reading →